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An Air Cooling Units is an heat exchanger which is used to transfer heat from one medium to another medium. Normally consists of pipes, fins, and fans. Refrigerant ( Ammonia ) is the one medium which flows through the tubes and air is other medium that passes over the tubes.

Aman Refrigeration Air Cooling Units are best suited for Potato/ fruit / vegetables/milk processing units and meat/ fish/ ice cream/ butter freezing/chilling units.


In addition Aman Refrigeration has business partnerships with all air cooling units manufacturers and based on customer’s preference same can be supplied, installed and commissioned, and tested.

Aman Refrigeration Cooling coils are made of stainless steel/ spray galvanized tubes and aluminium fins with excellent heat transfer capability & durability these Aluminium fins makes rapid heat absorption from air and thus cooling happens faster. The staggered tube construction is designed in such a way that it increases air turbulence at the coil and increases its increase efficiency.

Air cooling units

Aman Refrigeration offers versatile industrial AIR COOLING UNITS suitable for a wide range of applications. When your building or space demands substantial cooling capacity, our portable AIR COOLERS offer a rapid and cost-efficient solution. Whether you require an effective air conditioning solution suitable for diverse climates or an environmentally friendly, low CO2-emission evaporative cooler, we have the capability to deliver high-performance commercial air coolers tailored to your specific needs.


The product range includes evaporative coolers, air conditioners, container coolers and tent coolers, and the type of AIR COOLING SYSTEM you need will depend on what you need to cool and what conditions the device will be subjected to. For example, large, open areas such as factories and warehouses will benefit more from a cost-effective evaporative cooling solution, whereas for closed-off settings where temperature and humidity must be kept at precise levels, such as laboratories, air-conditioning could be a more suitable alternative.

air cooling system

Key Points :-

  • Outer frames are made with high- quality powder- coated GI sheet or SS casing with heavy duty.
  • Axial flow fans are selected with higher static pressure/ air throw.
  • It comes with latest IP-protected fan motors with low temperature grease.
  • Defrosting systems water, hot gas, heater is provided based on the application and uses.
  • It comes with proper drain pan made with slopped end for better water drainage.
air cooling system
Air cooling units

Air Cooling Units : Frequently Asked Questions

AIR COOLING UNIT create comfortable indoor atmospheres by delivering cool air that keeps temperatures under control. Certain air cooling units, such as evaporative coolers, can also manage other aspects of the indoor climate, such as humidity and air quality.

This range of cooling solutions is ideal for numerous applications, including warehouses, factories, offices, tents, shops and containers.

  • Air conditioners utilize refrigerant gases to absorb and manage excess heat, allowing for precise control of indoor temperatures.
  • Evaporative coolers direct outdoor air through moist cooling pads, generating a substantial flow of cool, fresh, and appropriately humidified air.
  • Container coolers rely on refrigeration technology to efficiently cool sealed containers by eliminating surplus heat, making them essential for transporting temperature-sensitive goods.
  • Tent coolers ensure optimal indoor conditions within temporary structures by regulating temperature and refreshing air quality as required.

If temperatures exceed comfortable or safe levels, this does not just jeopardise employee safety, it can restrict productivity, damage equipment, and harm the quality of goods.

With the right air cooling unit, organisations can create the ideal environment year-round, maximising worker performance, happiness and safety, all while preserving products and business-critical equipment.

Yes, Our full range of air cooling units are specifically designed for use in a wide range of commercial settings. Speak to one of our experts, and they will guide you toward your ideal solution.

Yes, All of our air cooling systems are specifically designed and built with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind.

However, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to climate control. For the greatest energy savings, our experts consult with you to specify the best equipment for your needs.

Yes, we can fulfil bulk orders across our range of air cooling units for large, bespoke projects. Get in contact with our experts or go direct to your local Dantherm Group representative to discuss the exact needs of your project and how we can meet your requirements.

At Aman Refrigeration, we pride ourselves on ensuring all solutions we supply are tailored to your precise needs. Our decades of experience and total control over the design and manufacture of our range of air coolers means we can provide you with bespoke, technical advice to ensure you receive the most efficient, effective and sustainable solution.

Yes. We have dedicated offices, suppliers and servicing partners based across India to provide timely, ongoing support across our entire range of air cooling solutions. You can get in touch through our contact form and we will make sure your enquiry is handled by the office or service partner best suited to your needs.





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